Welcome to my TAT IT AND SEE, Day 2

copyright Diane M. Saunders 1997, 2000

Thanks to Jane Eborall for her "Tat It and See" idea.
Here's my attempt at doing a "Tat It and See," and my way of thanking Jane for hers.

Pattern for today:

Abbreviations I use:
C = chain
CTM = continuous thread method
DNRW = do not reverse work
R1, R2, etc. = ring 1, ring 2, etc.
RW = reverse work (top to bottom, like lowering/raising a tailgate)
S1, S2, etc. = shuttle 1, shuttle 2, etc. (this refers to the shuttle held in your hand; keep using the shuttle indicated until it is changed)
SR = split ring
- = very small picot, the width of 1 ds (but still large enough to join into)
-- = small picot, the width of 2 ds
--- = longer picot, the width of 3 ds, etc.
+ = join: regular join
+L = join: Lock join
/ = separates the first half, or part, of a SR from the second part

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